Don't see what you are looking for on the Now Plating menus? Are you looking for a more personalized dining experience? Do you have specific dietary needs; such as a severe food allergy, or just dislike certain items? Then our sister company The Wandering Gourmet can assist you.

The Wandering Gourmet a personal chef service that helps simplify your life and bring your family back to the dinner table by providing customized meals delivered directly to your refrigerator. They take great pride in what they do. An amazing amount of care goes into every single meal, whether you are enjoying daily meal preparation, a dinner party or a romantic dinner for two.

Services that the Wandering Gourmet provides are fully customized and tailored to each client's food preferences. An in depth culinary interview is done to determine each clients needs, so custom, no hassle menus can be established and then delivered right to the refrigerator.

Here is the head to head comparison between Now Plating and the Wandering Gourmet.

Questions please contact us.

Questions please contact us


Now Plating

Easy online ordering

  • Online ordering only

  • Preset menus, that rotate weekly throughout the year
  • Convenient, varied weekly menu options
  • Does not accommodate allergies or diet needs
  • Variety of desserts available for purchase
  • Weekly doorstep delivery
  • You must order online weekly, one week prior to your delivery day
  • Delivery fee - $2 per mile from the Now Plating kitchen to your doorstep
  • Order requirements for delivery based on distance
  • Online credit card payments only
  • No contract required

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Wandering Gourmet

Fully Customized Meals

  • Interactive meal planning

  • Endless meal options, fully customized to your dining preference and dietary needs

  • Able to modify all your meals specific needs, if it be allergies, aversions or dislikes.
  • Complimentary chef's choice dessert included
  • Weekly in-home delivery
  • Submit your menu or Wandering Gourmet personalizes your menu based on your dining preferences
  • Delivery fee is included
  • Each client has a full consultation to determine dining options
  • Accepts check, credit card and cash
  • No Contract Required

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