Roasted Tomato and Red Bell Pepper Soup
Delivery April 29 – May 3


Yet, another mind blowing soup on the menu this week. Get out your bowl and spoon for this roasted tomato and red bell pepper soup. Ideal for any grilled cheese or sammy. The soup starts out with tomatoes, red bell peppers, onion and garlic all being roasted golden in the oven. Once nice and toasty the vegetables are added to a stock pot along with some water then pureed until smooth. The soup is brought to a simmer to allow the flavors to meld, then seasoned with some fresh thyme and finished with some ricotta cheese for richness. Each spoonful is packed with tomato and red pepper goodness. Bright, fresh and delicious. Enjoy.

Contains dairy


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1 Quart, 2 Quarts, 4 Quarts