Bibb Lettuce with Cumin-Roasted Beets and Onions with a Feta Dressing
Delivery September 25-29


Roasted beets are back! The Now Plating kitchen has taken the modern classic beet salad and put a Mediterranean twist to it. The onions and beets are seasoned with cumin and roasted until the beets are tender. The roasted vegetables are placed in a bed of bibb lettuce then topped with a feta dressing. That creamy dressing is made up of chunks of feta cheese, Greek yogurt, honey and lemon juice. We love how the creamy feta dressing compliments the cumin roasted beets. If you want to make this salad heartier add a grilled chicken breast or roasted piece of salmon.

Contains dairy


Ingredients: Cumin, salt, beets, red onion, oil, lemon, honey, feta, greek yogurt, black pepper, bibb lettuce, cilantro, mint

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