Caesar Club Chicken Sandwich with Celery Soup
Delivery September 25-29


Make your co-workers jealous with this outstanding soup and salad combo. Start out with the chicken Caesar club sandwich that is made up of a roasted chicken breast then topped with crispy pancetta, chopped sun dried tomatoes, and fresh arugula. Be sure to add the schmear of the classic Caesar dressing that has egg, garlic, anchovies, dijon, parmesan and mayonnaise. Each bite will bring a smile to your face. But, wait there is more. A side of pureed celery soup comes with the sammy. The soup has sautéed onions, celery and potatoes all simmered in a chicken stock then finished with cream and dill. Nom nom nom. What a duo to dig into this fall.

This meal is ready to warm, assemble and enjoy.

Contains dairy

Contains gluten

Contains pork


Ingredients: chicken breast, oil, salt, black pepper, pancetta, garlic, parsley, anchovy, dijon, lemon, mayo, bread, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan

Ingredients: celery, potato, onion, butter, salt, chicken stock, dill, cream, oil, salt


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Delivery September 25-29”