Spicy Ginger-Pork Lettuce Wraps with Hot and Sour Soup
Delivery October 2-6


Liven up your midweek blues with this zesty Asian-inspired lettuce wrap meal. Diced red bell peppers are stir-fried with ground pork, garlic, ginger, and water chestnuts. The stir-fry is then seasoned with Thai sweet chili sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, and oyster sauce. Once the stir-fry comes together it is garnished with both scallion and cilantro. Scoop the stir fried pork into the lettuce leaves and enjoy. We paired the hot and sour soup this is entrée because it made total sense to.  Our hot sour soup is made up of a melody of mushrooms, ginger, tofu, pork, eggs and water chestnuts; simmered in a chicken stock. The perfect combo for autumn.

This meal is ready to warm, assemble and enjoy.

Contains gluten

Contains nuts

Contains pork


Ingredients: ground pork, red bell pepper, garlic, ginger, chili garlic paste, fish sauce, sesame oil, oil, water chestnuts, scallops, oyster sauce, cilantro, bibb lettuce

Ingredients: pork loin, soy sauce, mushrooms, cornstarch, lily buds, bamboo shoot, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, peanut oil, chicken broth, tofu, eggs, sesame oil, white pepper, scallions, cilantro

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Delivery October 2-6”