Soy-Marmalade-Glazed Salmon with Asian-Style Couscous Salad
Delivery June 10-14


You are one click away from a delicious Asian-inspired salmon dinner. Fire up your grill for this sweet and savory soy-marmalade salmon. A pave a salmon is marinated in a orange marmalade and soy sauce glaze, which helps add some sweetness to the salmon. The soy sauce and the marmalade season the fish just right, making it difficult to resist. We paired the salmon with a side of our Asian-style couscous salad. In this salad you will discover tender couscous mixed in with shredded cabbage, carrots, green onions and toasted almonds; then dressed in a sweet hoisin, rice wine vinegar and garlic vinaigrette. Together these two make for one amazing meal to savor out on the deck this week. Enjoy!

We provide the fish, you cook it.

Contains dairy

Contains gluten

Contains nuts

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Delivery June 10-14”